Mome reads Mommy, My daughter's way to spell it when she was younger... It stuck. My son calls me Mome... just like it looks. I now sign all my notes to them "Love, Mome". It's our inside secret and makes them smile. I always want them to smile.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Relief in Numbers

Both kids recently started gymnastics classes. They both have taken gymnastics before, but have both moved up. While Puddin Pop has enjoyed two sessions of Dynamic Duos (Mommy and Me) classes she is now in a class of big girls (3 and 4 year olds) and no longer is Mommy even allowed in the gym. It's amazing how much better she listens and participates without me to chase her around. It may be maturity, but I sometimes feel as though just NOT having me around produces better listening skills for BOTH my children. I know, what does that say for me as a parent? That's not what this post is about, so I prefer not to think about it too hard (right now). The little girls are so cute. They sometimes forget what comes next and just stand there looking confused until they are redirected. They do "courses" where they are supposed to go through 4-5 different tasks and often can't remember them all. They are focused and engaged and it is fun to watch. Then there are the boys...

Boogie has had two sessions of the class PP is on now. 4-6 year old boys, no parents, they didn't listen nearly as well as the little girls. This time around I thought I'd put him in a Beginners boys class that was for 6-10 year olds. Confident that they would be doing more acrobatics and less crawling through tunnels, I was sure this would better keep his interest. I was right...sort of. He loves his class and is excited with the new "tricks" he didn't get to do in the younger classes. Watching the boys versus the girls is enlightening. Not a single one of them can stand still for more than 2 seconds. Prior to having children and researching their stage by stage developments as well as the differences between boys and girls, I would have thought this class showed classic signs of adhd in children. They wiggle, jump up and down, fall on the floor and spin around, all while the coach is giving instructions. Every single one of them (all 8). It's the difference between boys and girls. I think a mixed class would have the boys settled a little more as they wouldn't be feeding off each other. It was a relief to know it isn't just my kid that can't sit still. They looked like they all had to go to the bathroom. It's also a little discouraging to know it may go on for another 4 years, but will work it out and it's still enjoyable to watch them both grow and learn.

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