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Monday, October 12, 2009

To Box or Not to Box

When I started reviewing wine, or at least talking about the wines I've enjoyed, someone suggested a Delicious Red by Vella. A boxed wine. I know there are a lot of snobby wine drinkers who would never even consider a box of wine. I'm a fond recommender of the under $5 wines, so I do not put myself in that category, still...

The thought of drinking box wine just felt like cheapening my already cheap wine self. I looked for the Delicious Red and couldn't find it so I did not feel compelled to buy by the box...until a couple weeks ago. I'm not sure what put me in the mood. Maybe I wanted to have a LOT of wine at my disposal, maybe I was venturing out of my comfort zone, maybe I wanted to get the MOST for my money. I'm not sure the motivation, I just dove right in. I purchased a Burgundy by Vella. Now, I haven't had my long lost friend Burgundy in I don't know how long. This was my first love and yet I ditched it like a bad habit when Merlot, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel came along, they became my new BFFs.

I bought my box for $15. Considering it equals just under 7 bottles, it's a bargain if it only gets used for cooking. I was apprehensive about opening for fear of over consumption. I like a glass or two at the end of the day. Sometimes it's more than two. I know, however, that if the bottle gets finished, I'm done. More than a bottle and I'm feeling it in the morning. So my fear was, how will I know? I never pour consistent glasses. Sometimes I pour 1/3 of a glass, sometimes half, it just depends on my mood, how would I know if I consumed more than a bottle? I hoped I wouldn't but...

The wine was light and smooth. No overbearing flavors. While there isn't anything specific I can think to pair this with, it would go good with any fair, but it doesn't have the sustenance to actually compliment or enhance a meal companion. To me it was a perfect sipping wine. A nice way to relax and enjoy the flavor of wine without getting all wrapped up in distinctive flavors. Just enjoying it.

I did NOT over indulge. I had the perfect amount for each engagement. I like burgundy for cooking because it is very versatile. I put it in my Spaghetti sauce, a splash in my chicken gravy and would use it for an acne treatment if someone could prove it works (without staining). I figure with all the other health benefits of drinking a glass a day can provide, it's only a matter of time before researches come up with more ways to use this favorite beverage.

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