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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Giving the Kids a Space All Their Own

I love looking at decor magazines. Especially the ones that create really cool places for kids. Now that they are getting older I would love to be able to create a quiet place they they could hang out either individually or together. No Parents Allowed. Somewhere they can share their secrets, read a book, or just think. One of the most creative spaces I've seen used is under a stairwell, of course I can't find one to add to this post to save my life...use your imaginations. A hole is cut the size if a small door and then the "room" is decorated. The end result is a cute little cubby perfect for kids (and a little too small for adults). Unfortunately, we have one of our air intakes
right in the middle of the wall. I wonder if that can be moved? I wonder how hard it would be? This would totally be a do-it-yourself project, but one I think would be worth the time and investment. One the kids would remember.

What spaces have you created or thought about creating?


  1. Hi, first time here and found it very familiar blog. It is nice.

  2. I had a space under the stairs when i was growing up. Bean bags make it comfy. I was allowed to draw on the bottom of the stairs. I had a little lamp I think in there as well and a carpet remnant on the floor.

    Recently I went I helped a friend repaint her basement. Her boys had painted the area in a camouflage design and then glued all kinds of electrical compononents like circuit boards to the walls from old appliances and radios and computers that no longer worked. They loved it in there. It was very dark and moody and they had some colored light bulb in there to make it not so bright. A cool boys get away.

  3. When i was a kid, I a room beside our kitchen. that room have all comfort at that time.

  4. When i was a kid, I a room beside our kitchen. that room have all comfort at that time.


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