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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gumdale Shiraz ~ Review

Why is wine so popular? Why do people enjoy wine of all sorts and in all fashions? Is it because of the price? You find it inexpensive enough to enjoy on a tight budget and you can spend a lot if you feel entitled to. So what is it? Maybe it's the variety. Maybe it's never the same drink twice. It's experimentation and the hunt for the perfect bottle. Maybe it's an easy conversation topic...maybe it's not. I know that I've been a fan for a while and enjoy finding the less expensive bottles that offer all the complexities of the higher priced varietal without the disappointment. I may need to do a wine sales job search and see if Barefoot or Tisdale are hiring. I could rock their sales.

Demographically my wine-loving friends are also budget conscious so they like the price tag of what I'm drinking and aren't afraid to try for themselves. That being said. I took a little trip to my local total wine for some new selections.

I found this Gumdale Shiraz with a $6.99 price tag and thought I'd give it a try. Another thing about wine is that even within a bottle, it's never the same glass to glass. This was very true of this Shiraz. I opened and poured. It was very dark in coloring, rich with red and purple. I'm not a big "looker" of wine, but that's what I got. It smelled of leather and black currant. Again, I'm not a big sniffer and in all honesty have never had black currants. It just seemed to be what they'd taste like and I didn't recognize the aroma so that's what I'm calling it. The original flavor was of leather and cherry. This wine is dry with a medium finish. As it breathed there was a definite licorice flavor and the cherry presented stronger. A delightful wine that I would purchase again.
Don't be afraid to try new things. Drink your wine your way, warm or cold, and enjoy all the flavors nature has provided us.

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