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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ripples of Difference ~ Get It Free

I'm a huge fan of charities and those who spend their time giving back and helping others. Some of us are fortunate enough to make it our life's work, others of us do what we can, when we can, through volunteering, personal financial support, organized walks, run or rides, or just by creating awareness to all less fortunate than ourselves.

We are always seeing news stories of different celebrities in their plights to make a difference. We applaud and commend them for their dedication to a cause. But what about the everyday people like you and me? When do we get to recognize them for their selfless acts and hard work to make the world a better place?


Ripples of Difference is an e-book collection of stories written by volunteers around the globe. It's what they've seen, what they've done to make a difference, and what they've learned along the way.

This book was first brought to my attention over a week ago and I've been so enthralled with the stories that I almost forgot to tell you about it. It's that good. Due to come out in hard copy in the next couple months, you can download the e-book FREE just by clicking here, or on the widget on my sidebar.

It's a challenge to all of us to continue to help people and strive to be better in doing so. It's riveting, emotional, and encouraging.

What are you waiting for? Go get your copy NOW!


  1. Sounds like a must have, but the not so techy part of me has a question about downloading it. I'm so careful and hardly ever download anything. How big is it? Was thinking the size and time to load could be an issue.

    I'm visiting all Bridge and Beyond members today to ask everyone to double their knitting and or crochet efforts.

    Many thanks and have a great wkend.

  2. I've never gone rock climbing; but we saw folks doing that when we were in Arizona.

    Visiting today from the suitcase



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