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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

American Idol Recap~ It was Inevitable

Yep. The ladies just performed and there is nothing I like more than wine and Idol. I've been watching wince the auditions, so my judgement may be clouded, but here is what I've got.

Ladies Night~ 12 ladies perform. It's America's job to dwindle them down to 6. My recap...

Paige ~ I'm not into her ...yet. Think going first has its demerits. Was she really sewn into her outfit? That would suck and I couldn't sing if I had to pee for 5 hours. Did a good job for first up. She'll make it next week.
Ashley~ Not sure of her song choice. Not the right one for her. There is something about her I like though. Seemed a little nervous but very adorable. We'll see her next week.
Janelle~Wine Rep? I think she may be my new BFF. Not my favorite performance by her. Very karaoke-ish. But I think she has more to show and I look forward to it.
Lilly~ I didn't even recognize the song but I think she's brilliant and will be around for a while.
Katelyn~ I really like her, but what's with the hair and make-up. Seriously, fire those people because it just distracted me from the performance. Made it seem Cabaret-ish. Would have been better without all the visual distractions.
Haeley~ So cute. I love that she got her nosed pierced to commemorate but it I feel she fell short in the vocals. Liked her better with the Country songs. Something nasal in her voice. Cute but irritating. She may be going home.
Lacey~ So cute and spunky. I did not like her performance but hope she gets another chance.
Michelle~ Way too cute. Real. Hope she does well. Seems very comfortable on stage but maybe could have picked a better song for her voice.
Didi~ Her voice is one of a kind and not annoying. I'd like to see her stick around for awhile. She needs to figure out who she is.
Siobhan~ Interesting character. I like her voice but another one who hasn't yet figured out who she is. Strong competition. Did she get her teeth fixed?
Crystal~ Seriously. Best female in the group. Very authentic. I hope everyone votes on talent. She may have not felt she was right for this competition but I'm sure Daughtry felt the same. I'd like to see her in the final!
Katie~ Cute girl. Kind of felt like it was Britney's coming of age video. Love her back story and think she has a voice but is too commercial at this point.
Other notes...
Surprisingly and sad, Ellen seemed very uncomfortable and seemed to copy what others said. I think she'll warm up.
Surprisingly~ I think Kara is my favorite judge this season. Very real. Not obnoxious. This season may prove to be the best.
We're gonna miss you Simon. But we'll be A-OK without you.

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