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Friday, February 5, 2010

Do I have to Count Calories?

I've been bad this week. Boog was out of school Monday-Wednesday for "Inclement Weather" and we made the most of it. We wend sledding and had some friends over. It was fun. I did not get my daily workouts done these days and had to force myself to get back on it yesterday. I kept meaning to do it. I kept finding other things to do. Why is that? I finally got on at 4pm and dreaded the daily weigh in since I normally do it first thing in the morning. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I also noticed that I was really tired at around 3 o'clock, like I was before I started regular workouts, which made me realize I wasn't having those sleepy bouts since I started exercising.

I thought by just exercising I could start losing these unwanted pounds. I guess my body feels differently. I'm going to need to watch what I eat. I just got to the point of making one meal for the whole family to eat, and I hate the thought of now making something different for me. It's been 6 years of being a short order cook. I like the idea of counting calories and limiting portions better than eating something totally different. Trust me. The kids and Hubster won't eat most the stuff I do and anything with (visible) vegetables freaks them out. Last night I made pork chops, mac'n cheese and corn. I substituted a salad for the mac'n cheese on my plate. I'm hoping these small changes will help. I also need to get back to eating something in the morning to jump start my metabolism.

has chronic back pain and just had another MRI done this week. Every doctor has given a different diagnosis. I tell him to just exercise and get off the couch. I can't imagine that spending all day in a chair and then hitting the couch to lay down is a good ankylosing spondylitis treatment. I would think that getting daily exercise and stretching the muscles would work much better. We don't know that that's what it is. It's just one of the only things that hasn't been suggested yet and we're still awaiting this weeks tests results. Since every MRI yields something different...just saying.

I'd love for him to start using Wii Fit. He could probably stretch those muscles with some of the yoga poses...and then I would do them trying to beat his score. There's only two or three that I do so it may motivate me to do more.

Okay. Before I get off track again, I'm getting off here to go see Mike. This will complete my weekly exercise goal. I'm still on track. I just need to nudge myself to keep at it.

How's your exercise resolutions going?

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