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Sunday, February 7, 2010

How did I Survive without a Car Seat

With all the added safety products we have today for our children I often wonder who benefits most. I'm in no way saying they shouldn't be used, I just wonder how I ever managed to make it through my childhood without helmets, pads, and car seats. I (almost) always make sure the kids have their helmets on. My 3 year old loves to wear hers. but she's riding a tricycle. I know it's important to set the expectation now but really? How hurt could she get if she fell off?

My theory on Car seats is this: By having the kids restrained they can't physically fight. If they're not fighting, Mommy (or Daddy) can concentrate better on driving. If Mommy and Daddy are paying better attention to the road, less accidents are surely the outcome. Except, Now (some) Mommy and Daddy's are texting and talking and throwing all that extra concentration out the window which makes those car seats necessary, more than ever, for the kids. What will we find to do next to keep us from paying attention to the road?

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  1. Very interesting theory there. It definitely should be something that could be approved or disproved by freakanomics.


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