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Monday, February 8, 2010

I was so close

Hubster has chronic back pain. He's always on pain meds and it drives me crazy that he can never remember our conversations. He'll ask me the same question over and over. It may be the meds, it may not, but as long as he's on them I'll never know. He recently had another MRI done. We're still awaiting the results. His doctor had suggested that it's time for an alternate solution. Hubster is petrified to have his back operated on but what's going on now isn't working.

The last diagnosis was degenerative disc disease so I googled it to see what all is involved in repairing or at least to alleviate the pain. I came across a medical travel site that advertised Lumbar Dynamic Stabilization. It's a minimally invasive, quick recovery alternative for patients suffering from DDD. There's a form to get more info and quotes but before I got to that I noticed that the procedure is "now being offered in Europe and Mexico." Huh? I'm pretty sure there is no way Hubster is travelling to get back surgery. Why isn't it being done here? I had such high hopes.

Back to my search...

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  1. Wow, it sounds like the meds are really taking a toll on the Hubby. My back problems were caused by a degenerative problem but were not disc related. The doctors advice was to look at it by the percentages. How much is this affecting my lifestyle? 50% or less, seek meds 50 - 75% look at physical therapy, more the 75% surgery. I was at 80%. Surgery was the best thing I ever did. That was 11 years ago and have had no problems whatsoever. MCV Richmond did the surgery and took most excellent care of me. (and yes, your hubby knows me!)


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