Mome reads Mommy, My daughter's way to spell it when she was younger... It stuck. My son calls me Mome... just like it looks. I now sign all my notes to them "Love, Mome". It's our inside secret and makes them smile. I always want them to smile.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Things I'm Hooked On

I need to "un-plug". Every time I turn around I'm getting sucked into something on a screen. Between Reality TV, Social Networks, and gaming, I could be stuck to the screen all day long. Fortunately we have a DVR, or I may never get any sleep. Here's what I'm hooked on at the moment...


American Idol~ Two days a week and I can't seem to take my eyes off it. Especially now with Ellen.

Survivor~ Just started last night. I have missed a couple seasons of this, but this season is going to be good...really good.

The Good Wife~ Love it, love it, love it. Interested to see how a woman can keep around a man who cheats and it's really good on the law side too.

Other shows that don't have to be watched the same day/night: House, Private Practice, CSI, CSI Miami, Ghost Whisperer, New Adventures of Old Christine, The Middle.


Blogging~ yep. This stuff I'm doing right here. It's addicting and about the only thing I've stuck with this my life.

Facebook~ Chatting and seeing what others are up to. Games. School of Wizardry~ I swear I'm gonna quit this one. No skill involved and yet I log in twice a day just to take lessons and duel. Garden World~ Here's another one I'm not sure why I'm playing. Gardening doesn't excite me at all, but the flowers are pretty, people send gifts like garden gnomes, decorative pond pumps, and stone benches. It's relaxing and if I ever do get into gardening, I can look at some of my friends gardens for inspiration. Save the Planet~ this is one that claims to give money to different charities. You can play games for virtual money, which I sometimes do. I, at least, log in each day for my bonus $1,000,000. I donate every time I get $5m.

Twitter~ I go in spurts. When I get into a conversation, I get sucked in for too long. I also like tweeting during the reality shows.

Gaming~ The only thing I'm hooked on is Wii Fit Plus. 3-4 hours per week. It's not so much that I'm hooked on Wii Fit, I'm hooked on getting fit and am thrilled with the 4 pounds I've lost so far.

I'm sure there is more. I do other things too. Really. I do.

What are you hooked on?

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  1. Omg, I am hooked on so many of those same things! I have a surprise for you on my blog!


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