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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What the Hell Wednesday~ Commercials

All anyone is talking about the last few days are the Super Bowl commercials. I'll be the first to admit that I only watch for the ads and usually never even know who's playing. I know, What the Hell? This year I just wasn't in the mood to fast forward through all the game play to watch and instead watched some shows I had DVR'd. Hubster went over to the In-laws to watch the game with his dad. I asked him who won when he got home and he didn't even know. He's an ad watcher too.

So I was thinking about ads and remembered it all use to be about the jingle. If you had a catchy jingle, people were remembering it. What happened to jingles? I remember back in the day of 8-tracks, What the Hell, I really am that old. My mom had one of Barry Manilow that had all his classic jingles. I found this on You Tube.

What the Hell? Right? Remember any of those?

My two all-time favorite commercials are the one from McDonalds with the kid in the swing that kept smiling as he went "up" because he could see the Golden Arches (watch it here), and the one with the two brothers dipping Oreos in milk. The younger brother had a sippy cup and he eventually figures out he can drip milk onto his cookie (watch it here). That came out before sippy cups were abundant in my house but long after my infatuation with Oreos began.

What are your favorite commercials?

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