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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What the Hell Wednesday ~Stiff neck, No job and some Golf

It's Wednesday. Aka: WineWednesday, Humpday, What the Hell Wednesday. When you're done here go visit Elle and Stacy and find some more great WTHW posts.

I woke up the other morning with stiff shoulders and neck. I blame it on too much sleep, What the Hell? I went to bed Sunday evening at 8:30 and didn't get up until 7 am Monday morning. So I was a little stiff from being in bed so long. I was trying to stretch it out and heard a pop. Hubster cracks his neck all the time and I joke that he's going to break something. About an hour after the "pop" my shoulder/clavicle felt like I broke something. Sharp pain whenever I moved. Fortunately some ibuprofen did the trick. I'd of felt pretty stupid if I was really injured after all the crap I've given Hubster over the years.

It's supposed to be warm the rest of the week and all next week for Spring Break. It may be time to get out the golf clubs and pick up some used golf balls and take the kids to an open field or the driving range . Boog got golf clubs last year and has only used them in the front and back yard. What the Hell? It may be a good way to burn some energy. Who knows, he may like it. I'm a little scared of the two of them swinging clubs but with some concrete rules we'll be okay, right?

Today is Hubster's last day of employment. What the Hell? He has an offer but is waiting for one more company (that he really wants to work for) to make a final decision. Fingers crossed it all works out. He'll be off the rest of this week and possibly some of next week too. The kids should enjoy that.

Puddin Pop had her final ballet class yesterday and they let the parents come in to take pictures. She was a ham. What the Hell? She usually listens pretty well but with me in the room she wanted to do anything but. You can see her in action here. It was all super cute and I took a ton of pics.

That's it for me this WTHW. Now go see the ladies at Blue Monkey Butt. Tell them I sent you.


  1. Glad your shoulder is doing better. I can't wait for the warmer weather. I plan on sitting in the sun and reading.

    J-Man has his own set of golf clubs and he uses them indoors by building mini-golf courses all over the house. Good luck!

    Also, good luck on the Hubster's job search.

    Thanks for playing What The Hell Wednesday with us!

  2. I never really get to sleep in because if I lie there too long my back goes into spasm. That's just not fair! Even on weekends I'm up with the chickens. Maybe a new mattress is in order.

  3. I hope your husband gets that job he wants.

  4. I actually pulled a muscle in my neck by trying to take my sweatshirt off. Okay, stop laughing....true story, it was a hooded sweatshirt and it got caught on my head...again stop laughing..I pulled hard and it pulled my neck and I pulled a muscle. I went to the dr. later that day because I couldn't move it. Yep, that's me. It's a whole special talent I have!
    Thanks for joining us today!

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