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Friday, May 28, 2010

American Idol...My Take on the Finale

American Idol has come to a close.

Season 9's winner is Lee Dewyze!

I couldn't be happier.

AI has gotten some bad press this year. Several people are amazed the show is still on and even more people claim this is the worst season yet. I must be tone deaf. I love the show and don't think this season was any different than past seasons and am thrilled they left out the "gimmick" people like bikini girl and Norman Gentle. It's a people invested show and I think, if you're a hater of the outcome, you're neglecting to really understand how the show works. Just saying.

Here's my take...

Crystal was my favorite from the top 24. I wanted her to go all the way. I predicted Crystal, Big Mike and Andrew in the final 3 (Out of the top 24). It didn't quite work out that way. It never does. There are a lot of variables and while some people, like Lee, soar in their talent, others get lost in the mix. As America watched, this youngin' (24 is young to me) "brought it" each week. We didn't see much of him during the tryout phases so I was shocked when I first heard him sing in the top 24. I decided to keep an eye on him. As he found his confidence, his humble demeanor drew me to him. By week 7 I was routing for him to win. There's also the "Daughtry-affect" that comes into play. You realize you have two talents that will do phenomenally well and have to pick which would do better under the title. Crystal, like Daughtry, in my opinion, will do better not having to follow the guidelines of the Idol Winner.

America picks their favorites early on and we're allowed to change our minds. We've spent hours watching these performers and feel like our votes should count. When one of our favorites goes home those votes have to go somewhere else (if you're of the voting type) so it's no shock that when Casey went home Lee was the winner. See what I'm saying?

Some are blaming the 'tween crowd for producing back-to-back-to-back cute, stubbly, pseudo-rocker winners the last 3 years. I'm not a 'tween. If the 'tweens were really in control shouldn't Aaron Kelly have won? Three years ago I want David Archulletta to win from the jump. David Cook was another (like Lee) of those guys you never really saw early on. We watched him grow as an artist and by the end I was excited for either of them to win. Last year, I invested my votes (in my head, never picked up the phone) for Danny Gokie. He had a large fan base and again, when he left those votes had to go somewhere. A Danny Gokie fan doesn't just change their taste and vote for Adam Lambert, those votes go to the guy who isn't Adam Lambert. That's what makes the show so fun. It's anyone's game, really. It all depends on whether your style is like another favorite. So, in the end, America votes for the music they like best. Makes sense, right?

I'll be interested to see who replaces Simon. The show will definitely be lacking something without him but it's the talent that I watch for so I think the show will be okay.

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