Mome reads Mommy, My daughter's way to spell it when she was younger... It stuck. My son calls me Mome... just like it looks. I now sign all my notes to them "Love, Mome". It's our inside secret and makes them smile. I always want them to smile.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Holy 500

500 posts.

I'm in awe of myself. I've never stuck to any "hobby" this long. I guess always being considered "talkative" isn't so bad after all...unless you're the person who has to listen. What do you write to celebrate 500 posts? I thought I would write about all the reasons I kept going. Why I love it, stuff like that. Here goes.

I started a blog as something to do. I found myself (by choice) as a SAHM with some extra time that I didn't want to use up on things like cleaning and laundry. I started writing. When I realized I could make a little money by doing sponsored posts I was ecstatic. I thought "this will get me out of going back to work when PP goes to school." It probably won't. I soaked up all the sponsored posts I could get my hands on and found myself with an extra $200-$300 in my pocket each month. I even hit $500 one December which was great for extra Christmas presents. I got bored writing about stuff that didn't even really interest me. No one was paying attention anyway. I was using EC to boost my rankings but everyone was just dropping and running. I stopped taking every post I could get and found things that interested me to write about. I also started focusing on other writers to try and decide what I wanted my blog(s) to be. I'm still working on that. I think we always are. As we grow as people and writers our focus changes, that's part of the fun. As I started meeting people and getting to "know" them through their blogs I found more people who thought what I had to say was interesting or at least worth commenting on. That got me even more hooked. My stats are way down from a year ago but my comments are up. I've joined great groups like Tribal Blogs, Mom Central and Twitter Moms, that allow me to meet even more like minded people. I now review stuff I'm actually interested in (wine, video games, food products, and online services) I mostly get the products and get paid for my time. It's not as much as it use to be, but I'm truer to myself and so I enjoy the posting rather than dread the thought of "coming up with something". It's a learning process.

The people that have inspired me, befriended me, and think just like me are another reason I've kept going. They must be recognized.

Jen @ Redhead Ranting and Tribal Blogs. She says what most of us are thinking and does it with no shame. She is funny and has courage. Never a dull moment on her blog. She is also relentless in making friends and helping new bloggers find their way (Tribal Blogs proves this).

Sandy @ Traveling Suitcase. She has a way of making history interesting. She takes us all along on her vacations and has tips and ideas on how to do it right whether traveling with kids or other adults.

Randy @ Winewhoreblog. Randy approached me on doing a duo wine review when he first started and it was a ton of fun. His blog took off and he found instant stardom leaving me in the dust, lol. It was incredible and exciting to watch. He's slowed down. (I think his wife is pregnant but he's not talking.) I wish him continued success with whatever direction he decides to go. I also credit him for allowing me into his world and getting lots of free wine sent my way.

Joe @ Whywineblog. Another fantastic person I met through Randy. A wine enthusiast who I was fortunate to have lunch with while he was in town for a vacation. Meeting new people and putting real faces to online contacts ROCKS!

Julie @ Momspective and Wii Mommies. Julie's story of losing 60 (now 100) pounds through Wii Fit and EA Active inspired me to keep an eye on her. She is one funny Momma and is another who isn't afraid to discuss ANYTHING. Who else could do a douche review? And pull it off fabulously.

Re @ Bad Gal Says. She not only post thought provoking topics but reached out and offered to do a post for me when I was in a slump. Probably the best post on this site. How can I not be grateful to such wonderful people.

There are so many more but these are my crushes at the moment. The people I always stop by to visit when I'm not looking for new people to stalk.

Blogging is a great way to get things off your chest. We all (mostly) put restrictions on what we will and will not post about. Those that are willing to put it all out there are the most compelling to me if they know how much to tell.

I am excited about my future in this online world and can't wait to meet more great people and look forward to a day I can meet some of these great writers face-to-face. Maybe before my 1000th post?

Happy 500!

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