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Monday, June 14, 2010

Redwood Creek Malbec

Redwood Creek is getting ready debut their new Malbec this Summer and I was fortunate enough to receive and early bottle. I was also offered the opportunity to ask one of the winemakers, Sean Hails, a few questions.

From the
Press Release

"Redwood Creek Winemakers Cal Dennison and Sean Hails ventured to Argentina to develop the 2009 Malbec"
"Avid outdoorsmen, Dennison and Hails both strive to create attractive, versatile wines that are as at home in a campsite under the stars as they are on the dining room table."

"Redwood Creek Malbec's superior taste and accessible price make it the perfect compliment to any meal."

Product Description

The 2009 Malbec embodies flavors of black cherry, blueberry and dark blackberry fruit, with hints of brown spice and maple after notes. Its full fruit flavor and soft tannins leave a plush and velvety finish.

Harvest Notes

Grapes from the Mendoza appellation, located on the cusp of the Andes Mountains in Argentina and reminiscent of the Sierra Nevada landscape, are picked, crushed and fermented with both French and American oak.

Availability and Price

Redwood Creek wines are available at retailers nationwide at a suggested retail price ranging from $6.99 - $12.99.

I thoroughly enjoyed this wine and sipped it with cheese and crackers and later enjoyed it with some dark chocolate chips. It was smooth and flavorful. It's attractive price will have me purchasing more when it hits stores near me.


Me: What is your favorite wine?

SH: Tough call, but I would have to say our Sauvignon Blanc. I love the citrus fruit and the racy acidity.

Me: How long did it take to produce this Malbec?

SH: This Malbec took about 10 months to deliver to the market.

Me: What is your favorite pairing with this Malbec?

SH: My favorite Malbec pairing has to be with a BBQ tri tip roast. Marinate the roast with garlic, black pepper and salt, then cook it on the BBQ rotisserie. Serve it with fresh grilled asparagus and roasted potatoes.

Me: I'm a huge believer that good wines do exist in the under $10 range. What would you say to those that disagree?

SH: I would ask them to taste our wines and be the judge. The proof is in the glass.
Me: What varietal will you be producing next?

SH: I think we have a wonderful lineup of wines right now, but one never knows what we will come forward with in the future.

I'd like to thank Redwood Creek for sharing this bottle of wine with me and for letting me spend a couple minutes with Sean (It was e-mail but I'm pretending we drank the bottle together).

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