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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Favorite Clothes for Fall

This post brought to you by Rambler's Way Farm. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's my favorite time of year.  Fall.  There's nothing I love more in my wardrobe then my jeans and comfy wool sweaters.  Hailing from Michigan, I have quite the sweater collection,  living in Virginia, I rarely have use for most of it.  Nothing says cozy better than wool.

Rambler's Way has come out with a line of next-to-skin baselayers that would provide me with the comfort of wool that is still cool enough for the warmer climate I now reside in.  This very versatile scoop neck Tee would be great under a flannel shirt for cooler temps.

 I also would love this camisole along with a pair of their Long Janes to wear around the house and to sleep in.

They also have underwear.  Regular and low rise briefs to keep your middle parts warm.  I'm undecided on these.  I think they may prove beneficial to avid Football fans who spend hours sitting on cold bleachers.  The thought of wool on my girl parts seems luxurious and a little odd.  I'm an adventurous gal, though, so I would have to try them.

There are several benefits to these wool baselayers.  Made from 18.5 micron wool, these garments are made to keep you warm or cool depending on the weather.  Wool fiber repels moisture and odor and allows for several wears before washing.  This particular wool is machine washable due to enzyme-treatments that prevent them from shrinking.  Washable wool.  I'm in love.

What's your favorite cold weather material?  What clothes do you get excited about when the weather starts changing?

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