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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lost Vineyards~ The Italian Collection

I was recently sent the entire Italian collection of wines being offered by Lost Vineyards of the World. They are a company that makes affordable wine available at rockin' prices due to their massive amounts of transports and the shipping deals this creates.

I wrote already about Pink Lady and how fun and enjoyable it was. I now wanted to tell you about the rest of the bunch.

See. I'm an old fashioned kind of gal. I like my Reds at room temperature. When I see things like "Best served chilled" I automatically think less of a red. It's mental on my part.

I chilled this Lambrusco as directed and then sipped it one evening after everyone went to bed. Once I got past the mental thought that chilling takes away from the flavor profile...and after it warmed a little...this was an acceptable varietal. Not great, by my palate, it's definitely worth a try. Especially if you like your wines chilled.

Suggested Pairings: Spicy food, barbecue and anything chocolate.

Spumante Italiano: Dolce

A blend of Moscato and Malvasia, this sparkler was crisp and fruity without being too sweet. This could be used to celebrate a special occasion or just to add a little fun to your next gathering. Subtle enough for everyone to enjoy.
It has won awards in such competitions as World Wine Value Championship (silver) and the Dallas Morning News 2010 Competition (silver).

This one I didn't enjoy at all. It's not like me to not enjoy a wine. I like everything. I try not to read press releases or tasting notes before tasting a wine. I want to come up with my own conclusions and flavor profiles before I peek. Totally not digging this wine, I was curious to see what the notes revealed. Here's what I got...

"This is one of our love-it-or-hate-it wines. At Lost Vineyards, we do not Americanize our wines to make European vinos taste like Californian wines. Our Argentine winery has a definite new-world style, while our Italian winery produces old-world styles. At public tastings, millennials lean toward new-world styles, while boomers tend to like the European wines.

Sangiovese is the main grape varietal used in Chianti. Ours is a light to medium bodied, bone dry red. It is rustic, earthy, and high in acid. This makes it much more of a food wine than a quaffer. Try it with cheeses like parmesan, manchego, or gorgonzola. It pairs well with tomato sauces, especially sun-dried tomatoes."

I find all that very insightful and would almost try it again with the suggested pairings just to see if my opinion changed.


I'm not, by nature, a white wine drinker. I always enjoy trying new things but in general lean towards Reds when purchasing wine. That being said, this Bianco from Lost Vineyards was pleasantly crisp and moderately sweet. Not syrupy or overly done. I enjoyed this blend very much and with a price point under $10 ($5 if purchased by the case), would definitely purchase some more. Lost Vineyards refers to it as a "porch wine" (I'm so stealing that phrase) as it is light enough to enjoy without food. It also pairs well with mild seafood dishes like shrimp or scallops.

I found this collection to be a lesson in all I don't know about wine. The whites definitely impressed me more than the reds and this is very uncommon for me. I like having a couple more whites to add to my minimal collection.

***Thank you to Lost Vineyards of the World for sharing this collection with me. While I was sent the wine to review I was not compensated in any other way and the opinions are 100% mine.

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