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Friday, September 10, 2010

PlayStation MOVE ~ A Gamers Dream

This post brought to you by PlayStation(R) Move. All opinions are 100% mine.


With all this talk of wine and food there has to be moderation and exercise.  I do love to eat.  While I try to eat healthy, I do get cravings.  I have found that giving in is better than eating everything else in the hope that the craving will go away.  It never does.  Thankfully, technology offers me the ability to exercise and burn the indulgent calories without ever leaving the house.

PlayStation(R)MOVE, set to launch on September 17, is the latest arrival in the get-up-and-game movement.  We have a Play Station, unfortunately the wrong one (PS2).  The PlayStation MOVE will only be available with the PS3.  If you already have one, you're in luck, you can add the MOVE bundle package for only $99.  With several games already developed and more on the way, this is going to be a hot ticket item this holiday season.

I'm into the workout videos so "Get Fit with Mel B" would be on my list of must haves.  EyePet would be my first choice for the kids.  With the ability to take care of, play games with and interact with their pet, this game would provide hours of entertainment for the whoe family.  Once Hubster sees Socom4 available, I'm betting he'll cross the Lego kits off his Christmas wishlist and add a PS3 with MOVE.  Anyone want to bet?

PlayStation has incredible graphics and real life animation making it one of the leaders in the industry.  Each year, grown men (and their kids) are waiting in anticipation to see what they will come out with next.  We are no different.  We are a family of gamers.  PC, console and handhelds are always being used.  We enjoy family game nights and love exploring new games together.  Check out the Move site to see how far technology has come.  I'll be here re-working my Christmas budget.

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