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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Date Night with Macaroni Grill's Creamy Basil Parmesan and Chicken Pasta


allysmama  1 week ago

"My favorite date has to be the candlelight dinner my hubby made for me & our daughter for our last wedding anniversary. He always says he married both of us, and our celebration reinforces that! "
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Things are what they are.  When I was recently sent some meals to try and it was suggested that I create a "Date Night" with them, I thought it would be impossible to make it happen.  With Macaroni Grill's new boxed Basil Parmesan Chicken Pasta staring at me each day from my cupboard, I was getting impatient with Hubster's new schedule that brings him home late and at unpredictable times.  The pasta looked so good and I finally caved and made it on a night he said he was going to be home at a decent time.  He wasn't.  Puddin Pop was at Grandma's house and Hubster was bringing her home with him.  That left this wonderfully smelling meal, Handsome and myself. 

My darling 7 year old took advantage of the fact we were home alone and asked if we could have a "date".  How perfect is that.  It may not be the "date night" that was intended but it was a "Date night" nonetheless.  He even set the table (with his sister's favorite blanket as the table cloth).

                                      My Date                                           

His Food
          He makes Mommy so proud and is the only other salad eater in the house:)
My food.  Salad is a little fancier.

See the fancy table cloth?  All his idea.  This meal was restaurant quality and easy to prepare.  Just add your own chicken.  We used chicken breasts, sliced and cooked them.  You could use the prepackaged chicken if in a big hurry.  This meal took about 20 minutes to prepare.  I thought the basil and sun dried tomatoes were wonderful but worried that Handsome would shy away from these new flavors.  He didn't. 

We sat. side by side on the couch, and ate and chatted.  Just like a real date.  He is growing up so fast and being able to spend this quality alone time with him was a real treat.  He's even cleared the table when we finished.  He must be being raised well.  Such a little gentleman.  My first Date with his Father was at an Italian Restaurant, so this meal was reminiscent of that.  Glad I had someone to enjoy it with.

I can definitely promote this meal.  Whether a special treat for a Date Night or a quick hearty meal after a busy day of school and work, this pasta is sure to please.  Easy and delicious.

You Could Win It
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