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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do You Enjoy a Good Debate?

I'm a big fan of arguing. Seriously.  When I believe I am right I will argue it to the death, constantly coming up with new reason WHY I'm right.  I guess I like to be right, but more than that it's about getting others to see my view.  I have some friends who also love a good debate and we engage in these often.  While it's important to make sure someone understands my point of view it's not as important to have them agree.  There are so many debatable issues, from abortion rights to whether or not $5 wine can be enjoyable, that it's fun to stand firm on an opinion.  I guess that's really it for me.  Standing firm on a decision I've made on a topic.  My opinion counts.  You don't have to agree, but you do (or should) value my opinion.  I promise to respect yours and debating with you may give me some insight into why you came to your decision.  It probably won't change my well thought out decision, but it doesn't make yours any less important.

I think that's why I love court shows.  The questioning, probing, and endless amount of information that goes into a trial to prove which side is "right" is fascinating to me.  I can't, however, imagine what it would be like to represent an individual whom I believed to be innocent only to find out through further discovery that they had actually committed the crime, and to have to continue to represent them.  I'm not so sure I'd be good at that.

If you haven't yet seen this years stand out court room drama, The Whole Truth, you should.  It has all the suspense of regular courtroom drama plus "the truth" is revealed at the end...after the verdict.  Two college buddies battle it out each week in the courtroom on opposing sides, just like the debates I am so fond of with my friends, except, in the courtroom someone has to lose.  Take a peak.  Wednesdays @ 10/9c on ABC.  You won't be disappointed.

For the record.  I am Pro CHOICE and I most definitely can enjoy a $5 bottle of wine!

I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for 'The Whole TruthThese opinions are authentic and 100% mine.

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