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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I found a solution to my adult acne ~ Skin-Peel Review

I'm always complaining about acne.  It's even more bothersome since I didn't have to deal with it in my teens and yet, as an adult, feel like I'm a teenager looking for a solution. 

I recently had the opportunity to try a product from Skin-Peel.  They offer several solutions for problem skin and even have Representatives online available to answer questions and help you decide which product would be best for you.  I was sent the Salicylic Acid Peel (10%).

"Salicylic Acid’s capacity for deep pore penetration makes it an excellent choice for those prone to mild and moderate acne vulgaris. Dead skin and debris can plug the delicate pore resulting in blackhead, whiteheads and acne eruptions.

Salicylic Acid’s winning combination of anti-septic and exfoliating properties promotes a clear, healthy complexion! A Salicylic Acid Peel will begin to purge clogged pores even after the first peel. As a result, acne breakouts may temporarily heighten. Nevertheless, the pore purification process will ultimately improve acne conditions and provide a clear path to beautiful skin!"

The only concerns I have with this product are the limited instructions.  The first line of the instruction are in bold print and say:

"Chemical Peels have been used for hundreds of years and have a proven safety record (when applied by experienced users.)"

That's a little intimidating.  While it didn't stop me from jumping right in, those more cautious may be too frightened to try.

They suggest doing a patch test and then only leaving the product on for 30-60 seconds the first use.  There is some stinging, but it's minimal.

The directions never mention how often treatment should be done.  I used it three days in a row for 2 minutes each time and then found out (by sending them a question) that is should be used once a week at the most.  (Even though I was using it incorrectly, no adverse affects presented.)


I LOVED the way it made my skin feel.  I don't like my face to feel greasy and almost prefer it to feel slightly dry.  This Salicylic Acid Peel did just that.  It also left it grease free for several days.

The product is super simple to use and comes with everything needed in a zippered carrying case.  Basically you use the provided gauze to completely cover your face, leave on for desired amount of time (never longer than 7 minutes) and then spray with neutralizer and rinse with cold water.

I truly believe this product has worked for me.  It took some time to get the right "schedule of use",  but I think I have found the best way to use the product to keep my face free from blemishes.  I also suffer from cystic acne and have not had a single one since starting the use of this product.  If you've ever had cystic acne you know that they can be very uncomfortable (and downright painful depending on where they decide to grow).  That alone makes it worth every penny. 

I would not only recommend this, or other skin-peel products, but will definitely be purchasing some more when this supply runs out.  It's the best thing I have found.  No lie.  I've tried a LOT of different products and have not found anything that produces the results that this did.  I'm a happy, acne-free, camper!  Thanks Skin-Peel.

**Skin-Peel is offering a 20% discount on all orders placed until December 31st.  Use the code  SHEBLOGS .

I was given this product to try from Skin-Peel through She Blogs.  No money changed hands.  The opinions are authentic and 100% mine.


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  2. It does become a bit annoying when you have break outs when you are an adult. Salicylic Acid is a great type of cleaner. Most acne cleaners contain it. I think this would be great to keep skin clear.

  3. It does become a bit annoying when you have break outs when you are an adult. Salicylic Acid is a great type of cleaner. Most acne cleaners contain it. I think this would be great to keep skin clear.


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