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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Super Easy Cake Balls

My neighbor has an annual cookie swap.  This year I decided to take cake balls and made them in a variety of colors.  They are always a hit and great for kids because they are (mostly) bite size so the chocolate doesn't melt on their hands.

You will need:
Any boxed cake mix (and ingredients to make it, (eggs, oil)
1 container of frosting
Melted Chocolate (or your preferred chocolate for coating)

*Make cake as directed in a 9x13 pan (you can make them in round cake pans but your just going to dump them out)

*Let cake cool for 2-5 minutes and dump into large mixing bowl.  Add container of frosting and mix together to make (almost) a dough.

*Put in refrigerator to chill (I usually leave mine overnight)

*Once chilled, form into 1 inch balls
*Melt chocolate and roll cake balls to evenly coat.  put on was paper or foil to set.  Enjoy!

I used white chocolate (Food Lion brand CandiQuik) and dyed some green.  I used Wilton candy melts for the red ones and chocolate (CandiQuik).  You can also add solid shortening to thin the chocolate.

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