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Monday, February 28, 2011

Easy Crock Pot Chicken and a Plea to Knitters

Yesterday I was in the mood for crock pot chicken.  I went to the store in search of an oven roaster but they were all out.  I didn't want to go to another store so I checked out my options.  Legs, Wings, or Thighs.  I decided to go with the Thighs.  I'm not sure I'll go back to whole chickens. The Thighs turned out PERFECT.

What You'll Need:

1 cup of peeled carrots
1 large yellow onion
6 Chicken Thighs
Salt, pepper, garlic and Poultry Seasoning (to taste)

I used pre-cut carrots and quartered the onion and put them in the Crock Pot.  We didn't eat these but they added so much flavor and made the house smell really good too.

I laid the Thighs on top.  I left the skin on to keep the pieces juicy but removed when serving.  It actually crisped up, which made me tempted to eat it but, I knew I'd regret it.

I generously sprinkled salt, pepper, garlic powder and poultry seasoning and put the lid on.  I cooked them on low for 4 1/2 hours and they were falling off the bone.  Tender, juicy and full of flavor.
Served them up with mashed potatoes, gravy and some cranberries and the kids devoured every bit on their plate and asked for more.  Those are the meals I enjoy cooking.

                          (I left the skin on for the picture but then removed it, I swear)
On to other business...

Do you knit?  My friend Sandy over at Bridge and Beyond collects hats, scarves and mittens from around the country and then, with help, delivers them to free clinics, shelters, and soup kitchens in Central Ohio.  The apparel is meant to provide warmth for the homeless living under the bridges and mothers and children in desperate circumstances.  Sandy recently asked for comments on her blog.  She is trying to get a higher profile in the search engines to make more people aware of what she is doing so she can help more people.  I've sent her hats and socks but have no clue how to make gloves.  She posts pictures of all donated items on her blog and sometimes shows the people who receive them.  If you would like to make something knitted to pass along, check out Bridge and Beyond and contact Sandy for her information.  Nothing is too little and it feels really good to help out in this simple way.  If you don't knit, just stop by and say hello and take a look at all she has done so far.  Make sure to leave a comment so she can recruit others.

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