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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Movie Night~ Truth Be Told~ April 16th @ 8pm (Fox)

I had the opportunity last week to preview the upcoming Family Movie Truth Be Told starring Candace Cameron Bure and David James Elliott.  It's the story of how little lies turn into big ones and how the deception grows.  It's about reuniting old friends and finding new love.  It's a movie about a family and is one the whole  family should sit down together and watch. 

We do family movie night every Friday night.  We (usually) have pizza, popcorn, candy and drinks and rent a movie that we haven't all seen yet.  Finding movies that are appropriate for the kids and entertaining for adults starts to get tricky when all the new releases  have been seen.  Walmart and P&G are bringing back Family Movie Night with movies the whole family can enjoy and a cast that does not resemble an After School Special.  There's also a musical guest.  I won't give it away but it's one of my favorite American Idols.  One that went home too early.

Lying is an issue I am dealing with right now with the 7 year old.  It's also a trait I will not tolerate.  This movie perfectly represents the message I am trying to teach.  Lying does no good and trying to perpetuate it only makes it worse.  Telling the truth, even when it's difficult, is much easier than trying to keep up with the lie.  Telling the truth will make you a trustworthy person. Lying will only cause more harm and will make it less likely that people will believe you when you are telling the truth.

While watching the preview we had a chance to chat with Candace Cameron Bure.  She answered questions about the weather on the set, what made her choose to do this movie,  her co-stars and her conversation with that secret musical guest.  She was gracious and willing to talk about anything.  She even had some questions herself.  It was great to interact with her while watching the movie and made the preview even more special.

We'll be watching Truth Be Told this Saturday, April 16, at 8pm (Fox).  Will you?

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of P&G and received a movie kit to facilitate my review and a gift code to thank me for taking the time to participate.


  1. Oh that movie sounds really good. Sadly, I can't get my 14 year old to watch ANY movies with me anymore. I'm not 'cool' enough to hang out with.

  2. Sounds good! Great message for the kids. I think that it is so good that you have family night with your children. It is something for them to look forward to at the end of the week. Wonderful. Blessings, Catherine


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