Mome reads Mommy, My daughter's way to spell it when she was younger... It stuck. My son calls me Mome... just like it looks. I now sign all my notes to them "Love, Mome". It's our inside secret and makes them smile. I always want them to smile.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cowgirls and Cow...what?

Conversation overheard between two 5 year olds.

Little Girl:  I'm performing a song at church and get to be a cowboy.
Little Boy: How's that?
Little Girl: We get to do cowboy moves.
Little Boy: You know, cowboys that are girls are cowgirls.
Little Girl: I know.
Little Boy: ...and cowboys that are boys are cow...
Little Girl: Words (wards)?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whew, It's HOT

I've been working full time for the past couple weeks.  7 days a week when the kids are with their dad (minus the Sunday I took off for a break).  There hasn't been much time for wine or great cooking.  I'm in the mood for steak and can't decide if I should cook it or use my Outback giftcard this weekend.  Such tough choices.  While I haven't had much to post about, it's not just laziness.  I'm also trying to keep up with all my shows and am looking forward to those being over as well so I can do some reading without feeling guilty.  It's tough being me... and Lauren better win tonight!

All that being said.  It's 90 degrees and I am enjoying an ice cold Icehouse.  I forgot how good a cold beer could be.

Mama's Puttin' Her Foot Down

Dear Children,

There's not much I say no to when it comes to food.  Snacks or meals.  I let you have hot dogs or spaghetti for breakfast.  Heck, Puddin Pop had Chicken and mashed potatoes for breakast yesterday.  I let you have cookies, brownies, and ice cream whenever you want (almost) and you are allowed pop when it's in the house.  When eating out, you are allowed milkshakes with your meal when others are not.

Today, Mama is putting her foot down.  Today Mama is saying NO.  It is 90 degrees outside and I will NOT make you hot chocolate.  It makes me hot just thinking about it.  I give in enough to not feel guilty.  You'll have to just deal with it.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's been a little Crazy...

I haven't been awhol. 

I have been playing in the real world.

 One of the teachers at Puddin Pop's school retired early and I was asked to fill in for the rest of the year.  It's been a blast but hasn't left much time for blogging or visiting blogs.  Grocery shopping must be done after school and with kids in tow (making it a much slower process).  I've been trying to keep our home time family time and spend more time engaged with the kids.  Summer will be here soon and they will ditch me for outside play so I'm trying to get MY time in now. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nutrish Just 6 Dog Food by Rachael Ray

This post brought to you by Nutrish. All opinions are 100% mine.
Our poor dog Charly eats every meal as if it;s her last... or first.  she charges towards the bowl and devours it as if she must for fear of losing it.  We know that she was one of the remaining two of a litter of 8.  Her bigger and bolder brother would hog most the food they shared and she was very thin when we got her.  The vet wasn't concerned.  She eats 4 cups a day.  Two in the morning and two at night.  We've had her almost 6 months (she will be 9 months old on the 16th of May) and I thought she would be re-conditioned by now.  You can bet the water bowl goes flying the minute she charges for her food.  Sometimes I remember to pick it up and sometimes I clean water up off the floor.  Mostly the latter.

Recently I was asked to try Rachael Ray Nutrish just 6 dry dog food.  It came in cute packaging with an adorable dog bowl big enough for a cat.  Maybe there was some misunderstanding about the size of my dog?  Either way, it's not about the bowl, it's about the food... and Rachael Ray.  Who doesn't love her?
Rachael has developed a line of dog food and treats that each contain only 6 natural ingredients (plus vitamins and minerals).  No byproducts OR fillers and a the proceeds go to "Charities that take care of animals that have no one else to look out or them."

(Pay no attention to the dirty glass. Just focus on the beautiful dog.)

Feeding Charly Nutrish proved to be no different than any other feeding.  She devoured it in seconds.  I think she likes it.  While recommended for adult dogs, hopefully a puppy line will come out soon.  We will definitely switch to using the Nutrish treats.  Knowing what exactly is in them makes me feel better about giving them to this precious member of our family.

Not convinced?  Check out Rachael's site and get your own free sample.  Your dog will Thank You.
Visit Sponsor's Site

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Friend is Addicted to Zuma Blitz

Last week Puddin Pop had a friend over. We'll call her "B". They were playing and I was doing some very important work on my laptop (Facebook).  PP's friend came over to see what I was doing and caught me playing Zuma Blitz.

B: My mom has that game,
Me: I know
B: She's addicted to it.
Me: I'm addicted to beating her.

Later that day I'm telling B's mom about our conversation and we're both laughing.  She says "Can't you just let me win once?"  um. NO.

But I never win either.  There's a weekly tournament where you try to beat all your friends.  On HER list I always show as 1st place but on my list (because we have different friends) I'm always 2nd.  There's a woman who I don't know IRL who ALWAYS beats me... and by a LOT.

Yesterday I had a thought.  If I just un-friend this woman I don't even know then I will always win.  Nice thought.  Then I went in to kill a couple minutes and saw that B's mom had beat my weekly high score.  I'm a little competitive so this was unacceptable.  I loaded up on powers and set out to beat her.  You know what happened?  I posted my Highest. Score. Ever.  I even beat the woman I was thinking of un-friending.  That felt awesome.  Better than winning because she was no longer my "friend".

So.  If you play FB games, Would you un-friend someone so you could WIN?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dear 4th Grade Class, Yes I did it.

Dear 4th Grade Class,

Yes.  I too was throwing popcorn in the hopes of catching it in my mouth.

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to admit and apologize.

I am now ready to explain.

Mrs. George was not a nice person.  At least not to me.

Remember the week we spent at the Environmental Center? 

Well.  The day we arrived and were so excited to be there our camp Counselor "raced" a counselor from another school.  Remember?  We were so excited that our Counselor was winning that we all began to throw wood chips into the air, right?  Well.  Later that night, just before the hayride, Mrs. George asked me outside and she questioned me about the incident.  She claimed that I was the only one throwing wood chips and wanted to know why.  I know it wasn't just me.  I may have started it, but I don't remember that either.  Anyway.  When I told her we were all doing it in our excitement that our "guy" was winning, she struck out and SLAPPED ME ACROSS THE FACE.  Now.  Seeing as we were kids who were allowed to be paddled by our teachers and I had never been (or after that) struck by a teacher, this freaked me out.  I never told my parents for fear that they would punish me further for making a teacher that mad..

A couple weeks later, my mom sat me down one day after school and asked me what had happened.  Another parent had witnessed the episode and had called her to tell her.  I explained my story and she immediately set up a meeting with the Principal.  It was my parents, me, the Principal (who's name slips my mind) and Mrs. George.  She denied the entire incident and no one caused a big enough stink so she just went back to class... and so did I.

When the popcorn incident took place I was sure my punishment for taking part would not be the same as yours.  It hadn't been to this point. So I lied.  Not to deceive you or to betray you, but to cover my own ass.  I was 10.

Please forgive Me, I love you All

P.S.  And Thanks for having my back on the jogging thing in the gym. You KNOW I was right!

Nimbus Estate Pinot Noir 2009

This is Wine #2 of the Wines of Chile Blogger Tasting.

Hailing from the Casablanca Valley this Pinot Noir was a hit with the group. 

The fermentation was made in small containers in order to separate each lot.  The grapes underwent a cold soak for one week at 10C and then quick alcoholic fermentation.  During fermentation, punch-down and one traditional pump-over was made to keep the cap wet.  There was no post-fermentation maceration.  After alcoholic fermentation, the wine was racked to French oak barrels to complete the malolactic fermentation and remains for 10-12 months.  Small lots are harvested, fermented and aged separately until the final blend.

Aging Potential: Between 5 and 8 years

Tasting Notes: Intense Garnet color. The nose opens with oodles of ripe black fruit entwined with layers of chocolate, tobacco and cinnamon.  10-12 months in French oak barrels seamlessly integrate fruits and silky tannins.  Its perfectly balanced acidity gives this wine a ling finish.

Tasting Notes from the Bloggers: Nose is grape juice and organic strawberries.  Palate is chocolate, oak, pepper, dark berry covered in nutmeg, cherry, raspberry wrapped in earthiness.  Silky smooth.

SRP $19.99