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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nutrish Just 6 Dog Food by Rachael Ray

This post brought to you by Nutrish. All opinions are 100% mine.
Our poor dog Charly eats every meal as if it;s her last... or first.  she charges towards the bowl and devours it as if she must for fear of losing it.  We know that she was one of the remaining two of a litter of 8.  Her bigger and bolder brother would hog most the food they shared and she was very thin when we got her.  The vet wasn't concerned.  She eats 4 cups a day.  Two in the morning and two at night.  We've had her almost 6 months (she will be 9 months old on the 16th of May) and I thought she would be re-conditioned by now.  You can bet the water bowl goes flying the minute she charges for her food.  Sometimes I remember to pick it up and sometimes I clean water up off the floor.  Mostly the latter.

Recently I was asked to try Rachael Ray Nutrish just 6 dry dog food.  It came in cute packaging with an adorable dog bowl big enough for a cat.  Maybe there was some misunderstanding about the size of my dog?  Either way, it's not about the bowl, it's about the food... and Rachael Ray.  Who doesn't love her?
Rachael has developed a line of dog food and treats that each contain only 6 natural ingredients (plus vitamins and minerals).  No byproducts OR fillers and a the proceeds go to "Charities that take care of animals that have no one else to look out or them."

(Pay no attention to the dirty glass. Just focus on the beautiful dog.)

Feeding Charly Nutrish proved to be no different than any other feeding.  She devoured it in seconds.  I think she likes it.  While recommended for adult dogs, hopefully a puppy line will come out soon.  We will definitely switch to using the Nutrish treats.  Knowing what exactly is in them makes me feel better about giving them to this precious member of our family.

Not convinced?  Check out Rachael's site and get your own free sample.  Your dog will Thank You.
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  1. I had no idea Rachael R had dog food, lol. Somehow that seems funny to me. I like watching her doing the cooking for the 30 minute meals, but somehow knowing know she's into dog food takes away from that.

    Swinging by all Bridge members today to remind everyone the contest is in full swing.

  2. Rachel Ray makes dog food too? Good lord!

  3. I'd love to try out this dog food! Our puppy is allergic to yeast. I see no yeast in the ingredients. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Hello, just want to ask whether you are interested in writing paid posts.. do contact me if you do.. thanks!


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