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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Comic Con 2011

Comic Con 2011 is wrapping up today.  I've had so much fun keeping up to date on all the happenings from the WB booths and events through their site WB Comic Con 2011.  It is a star studded event and it appears as though it was a packed house all weekend long.  Being able to see what was happening without fighting the crowds was amazing.  I secretly wished I was there, though.

The ability to check in for updated pictures and videos made me (almost) feel as though I was there with a front row seat.  I am really looking forward to the premier of Person of Interest and followed along the team through signings and info sessions.  Tell me your opinion.  Is this a show you'll be watching when it airs in September?

If you missed out on Comic-Con and want to know more about it.  You can follow the Warner Brothers on Twitter or search #WBSDCC for all the updates on this event.

*I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to promote Comic-Con 2011.

  All opinions are solely mine.

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