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Monday, July 25, 2011

Want something different? How about Zacapa Premium Rum?

This post brought to you by Diageo. All opinions are 100% mine.

Summer time is a great time to break from regular drinking habits.  Hot weather lends itself to cooler drinks and nothing refreshes like iced or frozen drinks made from any variety of fruit juices and liquor combos.  Rum is a mild flavored liquor that goes well with almost anything.  Making fancy fruit and rum concoctions is not only fun but makes your home feel like an Island oasis... screaming kids and all.
Zacapa premium rum is aged at The House Above the Clouds, one of the worlds highest ageing facilities.  Found 2300 meters above sea level in the beautiful highlands of Quetzaltenango.  The cool temperature slows the aging process while the thinner air found at this altitude helps intensify the infusion of flavours from the barrels used.
Zacapa premium dark rum uses a Sistema Solera process for aging.  Originally developed 500 years ago as a way to age Sherry, this process involves blending rums of various ages in casks that were previously used for whiskey, sherry and wine.  Every drop flows through each type of cask allowing aromas and flavours to be shared with this maturing liquid.
Zacapa 23
A blend of rums aging from 6 to 23 years.
Best served alone over ice in a rocks glass.
Zacapa XO
A blend of rums aging from 6 to 25 years with an extra ageing stage in oak barrels that previously housed cognac.
Best served in a Riedel glass, neat.
To find out more about these fine rums and other recipes join the Zacapa Society.  I did!
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