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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cinema Cafe, You've Disappointed Me

I knew that Wednesdays were $3.50 movies all day so I decided to see what was playing and let the kids decide what they wanted to see.  The opening page looks like this...

See.  All movies.  All day.  There is a snippet in there about special engagements not being included, but surely that refers to special sporting events or concerts that theaters now like to make available, right?

Not. So Much.


How is The Smurf's Movie or Zookeeper special engagements?  It says nothing about "New Releases"  In fact, Spy Kids has only been out since Friday and it's included (even though you can't see it in this picture due to print screen sizing).  So why the false advertising?

We ended up seeing Mr. Popper's Penguins and thought it was really cute.  It's just sad that companies hook you in with a great deal just so you can find out it's not that great, or at least not as great as they claim.


  1. Did you check it before you went?  lol

  2. Yes.  That's how we decided what movie to see and knew what time to go.  Still, pretty crappy that two of the kids movies were not available.

  3. OH my gosh a HUGE pet peeve of mine. ANd how terrible is that, big money to takes the kids to the movies!!!  I would have totally complained. My youngest, whos 23 now, gets mad when I speak my mind. I can hear him Ssssshhh mom forget it!

  4. Hi there! What a cute blog! I found you on mommybloggers and I'm excited to follow you. If you get a second, go check out my blog. :)
    Have a magical day!

  5. total RIP-OFF that two of the kids movies were not available!

  6. Maybe they could just not post "ALL MOVIES, ALL SHOWS, EVERY WEDNESDAY".  Maybe it should say MOST or SOME?


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