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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Thoughts on Blogging

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Stop Following Rules made by Others.

That's my main bit of advice.  Everyone has thoughts on what needs to be done to become a successful blogger but what they neglect to understand is that we all have a different meaning of "successful."

Set Your Own Rules... and Don't Be Afraid to Change Them

When I first started blogging I wanted to make money.  Plain and Simple.  I did sponsored posts on anything and everything.  I posted about stuff I had no business talking about because I didn't even know what I was saying, but I was making money, so I was successful.  Then I decided to be more selective.  I still do sponsored posts and reviews, but only on products and services I understand, have a need for or am interested in.  That was my choice.  My Rule changed and I embraced it.  I also started making more money for those posts so it all evened out. 

Be True to Yourself

Some of the well known bloggers will tell you not to give away anything for free.  They may be right and that probably reflects their personalities.  That doesn't fit my personality at all.  I'm one of the "go-to" people amongst my friends.  When someone is in a bind and needs someone to watch their kids, they know they can call me and I'll happily help them out.  I don't ask for money or for them to return the favor.  If I come across a business that makes cute hair bows like Little Owl Boutique or an individual that does awesome bead work like Molly's Lampwork Beads  I'll promote them because I can.  Those two ladies are incredibly talented and happen to be personal friends of mine.  Not only did they not ask me to promote them, they don't even know I'm doing it.  It makes me happy to help them out.  I often post about charities because I am always looking for ways to "give back".   If I asked these charities to compensate me I would feel like a fraud.  Really.  One of my favorite sites to promote is Bridge and Beyond.  Sandy and I have become virtual friends through blogging and Facebook.  She encourages knitters to donate hats, mittens and scarves that she gives to the homeless men in her area.  She also donates some of the stuff to local free clinics that make them available to women and children.  She also doesn't know I'm posting this.  It's a cause I support and a woman I think is amazing, so I share it with you.  That's what works for me and makes me feel successful.  You have to do what's right for you.

Post When You Have Something to Say

This is another tough one.  I understand that your articles are more likely to be picked up by the search engines with regular posting but, setting a goal of X number of posts a week has never worked for me.  I often fail to hit my goal or post something crappy because I'm trying to hit a quota... that I set for myself.  How silly is that?  Now I post when I feel like it.  I no longer feel like I've failed and I'm much happier with my content.  My happiness is what matters here.  Your happiness is what's important on your blog.

Do It Your Way

Read what others have to say.  Arm yourself with the knowledge others possess and then do what works best for you.  Change your mind when you want and continue to strive for new goals and knowledge.  That's the best way, I've found, to make this a continuing hobby.  I call it a hobby because it isn't a "living".  That was never my goal.


  1. I stopped and actually read your post and found it appealingly honest.  Good job and I like what you say about making our own rules about blogging.  I encourage your to keep up your good work here.

  2. Nice post, good advice too.  And, I'm smiling cause I appreciate the post regarding Bridge and Beyond.  I've not made regular rounds dropping in awhile and today decided to catch up a bit from Traveling Suitcase, which is how I came to be here and see your post.  Quite a surprise.  Many thanks

  3. Sandy~ You are amazing in all you do to help others.  Getting the word out is the least I can do:)

  4. Thanks Doug.  I read so many posts on blogs and in forums telling bloggers what they need to do and find that I've failed at most of them.  I enjoy blogging but wouldn't if I tried to adhere to all those "rules".  Just a little insight from my perspective.  Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. A tip of the blogging hat to YOU, my friend!! 

  6. Thank You Meleah.  I can only speak for myself, but hope it helps lessen discouragement to others.

  7. Bravo!  I am sooooo glad I am not the only one that thinks this way!  I believe that we blog to make relationships...whether they are business or friends or both.  And the only way to make those relationships work is by nurturing them.  That means giving credit where credit is due (whether a mom blogger that created a fabulous piece for her home, a business that has a great product, an artisan that you "get"...or even someone that shares a great recipe with you).  And the only way to do it properly is by being selective with your posts, taking the time to read the blogs of the people you follow and leaving a comment, interacting with them via social media and - most importantly - making sure that when you endorse a product it is something that you would use yourself or recommend to close friends and family.  It all boils down to being true to who you really are.  What is that what you love and success will follow?  :)
    Thank you for sharing this!  Have a great weekend!

  8. i'm with Doug..honesty in the blogosphere is so refreshing and much needed. i broke every rule imaginable, even the ones that hadn't been written yet and i couldn't be happier. wishing you continued success.

  9. Sometimes I go through "dry spells" where I neglect to connect on the blogs.  I rock on Facebook and that distracts me.  I'm working on it:)

  10. So true. There are lots of ways to be a "successful" blogger, and that has a different meaning for everyone.


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