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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

FiOS Magic

I've been extremely happy with my Verizon FiOS service the past couple months.  Still trying to figure out all the features and have had a couple snafus along the way...but... FiOS does Magic.  Seriously.

First.  We've had some issues with the permanant line getting hooked up.  A temporary line was hung around the yard and several weeks later, after all the important markings were complete, the permanent line was buried.  The very next day it was to be connected but was accidentally cut and a second temporary line had to be dropped.


A friend was cutting the grass, that *may have* been a couple feet tall, and accidentally cut the Fiberoptic cable.  Totally NOT his fault.  There were several cables laying throughout the yard.  I called Verizon a couple days later (it was Labor Day weekend so I waited until Tuesday) and they set an appointment for Thursday.  An hour and a half went by before my phone rang.  It was a tech from Verizon, he was in the area and would be right over.  They had given me a 48 hour window for the line to be fixed (new line put in) and the problem was fixed in under two.  Awesome.

Once the line was fixed I realized that my phone still didn't work.  I was pretty sure that it was my crappy phone.  It hadn't worked right since I had purchased it.  It may have been dropped right out of the box so... I worked with it.

It took me three days to find the time to purchase a new phone.  Not so much an emergency with a cell phone. I hooked the new phone up and Voila... NOTHING.  Hmmm.  NOT the phone.

I logged on to the Verizon sight and looked for help.  They had a complete walk through for what to do when you "Have no dial tone."  Step 1.  Check the outlet.  I made sure other things that were plugged in to the same outlet were working.  "Did this solve your problem?"  NO.  Step 2.  Check the main power source.  I located the box in the garage, unplugged it, removed the back-up battery, waited 2 minutes and reconnected the battery and plugged the box back in.  "Did this solve your problem?"  No.  At this point my computer froze... maybe.  It wouldn't take me to the next step.  It wouldn't do anything.  I became impatient and logged off.  I figured I'd come back to it later.

10 minutes later (no lie)...

A white OneVision ( a sub-company of Verizon) truck pulled up in front of my house.  I watched a man get out and walk to the side of my house... then to the other side... then get back in his truck and leave.  Suspicious.  Could it be?  Could my online trouble shooting have signaled help?  I curiously walked to my new phone and took it off the cradle.  I pushed the "talk" button and... had a dial tone.  

I'm really not sure what happened, but know better than to question when things work out in my favor.

This, my friends, is what I refer to as...


Want to experience the magic for yourself?  (click to check availability in your area)

I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Verizon FiOS and received a free trial of the products and services necessary to facilitate my review.

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