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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Teaching Kids how to Treat Others and Why to Like Someone

One of the most important messages I want to tech my kids is NOT to judge others based on appearance.  You don't have to like every one, but you also don't need to voice out loud when you dislike someone.  I want them to judge people by the way the other person makes them feel when they are together.  End. Of. Story.

I was having a conversation with my 5 year old just as she was waking up today, at 11:00.  I was telling her how we were going to her school this afternoon to meet her teacher and, hopefully, she'd get to meet some of her new classmates.  She's a tad boy crazy so I may have also mentioned that there would be boys there too.  Based on the following conversation, I think she is understanding the message above.  She also values my opinion.

Here's what she told me...

You know, Mom, I really have my eyes hooked on "L" (a boy from church).

I asked why she liked him...

He has short blond hair, he's super talented and he's nice.  He's a little crazy like Handsome (her brother) but he doesn't toot all the time.  He likes me... as a friend, and he's just really fun to be around.  I really think you'd like him.

It made me so proud that she had valid reasons for liking this boy.  I hope she continues to make such wise decisions.

What's the most important lesson you want your child/ren to learn?

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  1. wow. she's VERY wise for 5 years old! You've obviously done good!


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