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Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Misbehaved at Lunch so I have Extra Homework

Puddin' Pop got in the car today an told me she had a "blue" day.  Blue is one step out of the "green" tree and is the disciplinary system they use at school.  Green= best behavior, Blue= Just less than, then there are Yellow = off day, and Red = Bad day... and those are baskets at the bottom of the tree.  When I asked what happened she told me that she didn't follow the rules in the lunch room and therefore had extra homework.

I was a little skeptical since Kindergartners had their homework packets sent home on Monday (to be returned Friday).  I asked what extra homework she was given and she replied, "It's in my folder."

I was certain she was mistaken.  This wasn't her first "blue" day and no extra homework was sent home in the past.

I. Was. Wrong.




I had to chuckle.

First of all, She hasn't even started writing sentences in class.  They are still working on individual letters and numbers.  Kindergarten.

Second.  I remember this tactic all to well and it brings me joy to see it hasn't been forgotten.

Will it help her remember to behave at lunch?

Jury is still out!


  1. If she hates writing sentences it might work. My boys hated writing at that age and i think it slowed them down for a while at least!

  2. Ugh! I can't believe they have her writing sentences already but extra homework always worked on me when I was that age ;)

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