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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pinterest. Love. #1

I'm in love with Pinterest, and not in just a voyeur kind of way.  We are actually making some of the recipes and playing with our hair like we never have before.  As I complete different pins, I'll share the results so you can be just as addicted.  No one needs to go through this alone.

Puddin Pop has super straight hair.  She gets it from me.  It used to have beautiful curls, but they got fewer and fewer with each haircut.  She's not super fond of having it brushed, either, but her desire for beauty is super-ceding the fear of tangled pain so we've gotten very experimental.

We saw a pin for overnight styling and just had to try it.

You start of with wet hair and section it.  We did it in 8 sections but you can do more or less based on amount of waviness desired, and patience of yourself and child.

You twirl each section until it starts to coil.  Complete coil and rubber-band so it will stay.  Ours looked like this...

click to enlarge

Then you just sleep on it.  Depending on thickness of hair and how long it normally takes to dry, you could also spritz it instead of doing it straight out of the tub to insure it would be dry in time for school the next morning.

One of our sections came on done during the night but we just comprimised with a curling iron on that section.  The rest was just taken out of the bands and fluffed by running our fingers through the curls.

The end result was this...

Beautiful Waves that stayed all day.

The original Pin came from Perfect Locks.

What pins have you accomplished?

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