Mome reads Mommy, My daughter's way to spell it when she was younger... It stuck. My son calls me Mome... just like it looks. I now sign all my notes to them "Love, Mome". It's our inside secret and makes them smile. I always want them to smile.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

They aren't made any sweeter than this

While finishing up homework, and discussing what everyone felt like having for dinner, Handsome said he wanted a burger from McD's.  I explained that we had plenty of food in the house and I didn't feel as though we had extra money to spend out.

Puddin' Pop said she would buy dinner.

I really tried to discourage her from spending her money on dinner.  Part of felt bad for saying we didn't have the money for it (but we don't) and the other part of me was so proud of my 6 year old and her giving spirit.  It wasn't even her idea to have McD's

We headed to the drive through.  She insisted on "handling" it all.

At the window we discussed prices and the fact that chicken nuggets weren't on the $1 menu.  That's what she was planning on having.  She didn't show any sign of disappointment and said, "I guess I'll have a burger then."

She ordered...

PP~ "I would like to buy 2 double cheeseburgers and 2 small fries for my brother and I."

Window Attendant~ "Will that be all?"

PP~ "Yes.  Thank You."

WA~  "That will be $4.93.  Please pull to the first window."

PP~ (whispering as we pull forward) "Do I have that much?"

Handsome~ "Yes.  You brought $5."

PP~ "Mom.  Please make sure you pull up so I can pay."

I pull to the first window and PP pays.  The smile on the cashiers face was priceless and genuine.

At the second window I had to let the poor guy know that the 2 cheeseburgers needed to be 1) plain and 2) ketchup only.  He looked less that pleased but went to correct the mistake WE had made at ordering,

I pulled up so PP could receive the order.

When the guy came back and saw her with her hand out... another genuine grin, from ear to ear.  She said " Thank You." and off we went.

In the car, Handsome inspected the burgers and concluded that neither had ketchup.  I commented that it was better to have both without than both with.  We have ketchup at home, but it's not so easy to get it off.

We get home and Handsome gets the kethup for his burger.  Puts it on and takes a big bite,  Happy as can be.

PP takes a bite and exclaims, "Mine has ketchup.  It makes me gag."

You can figure out what happened.

She's in tears.  "I bought dinner and I don't even get to eat it,"

I took her to the kitchen and laid out all her options, she wanted nuggets afterall.

I can make nuggets, chicken alfredo, sweet and sour chicken.  chicken and rice...

(I had cut up 2 chicken breasts for dinner but hadn't decided what I wanted to do with them... which started this whole story)

She looked in the fridge and said, "You can just heat me up some soup and give me some crackers." and she said it with a defeated look on her face.

Me~ "PP.  You made such a nice gesture offering to buy your brother and yourself dinner because you knew he wanted a burger.  You didn't even complain when you realized that you didn't have enough for chicken nuggets since they weren't on the $1 menu.  Please let me make you something that you will enjoy."

PP~ "The whole point, Mom, was to make Hunter happy and to not make you cook."

I held back the tears, barely, and got her her soup and crackers.

Friday, November 16, 2012

1st Grade Math

Gotta love 1st grade coin math...

Me: Puddin Pop, are you sure you"ll have time for breakfast?

PP: Mom, I don't even use a quarter of the time they give us for breakfast. I don"t think I even use a Penny of it.

♥ that girl!