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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lego KidsFest is coming to Virginia... WIN Tickets

We went in 2011, in Raleigh

We've been waiting for it to come close to us again

It will be here in February and WE CAN'T WAIT!

You can check out our photos from last time RIGHT HERE

We had a BLAST.

I was so excited to go that I left work early and took the kids out of school 30 minutes early just so we could get to Raleigh where my brother lives.  We weren't going until the next morning, but we NEEDED to get there.

See how excited the kids were bright and early the next morning?

There are so many things to DO and even more stuff to see.  I'm pretty sure Handsome has "Master Builder" on his list of things he wants to do when he grows up.  Who wouldn't?  He also has the insight and design skills to reach that goal.  I think we also have enough Lego bricks to give him a head start.

If you are looking into going, and you should, USFamily Guide is offering a coupon for $2 off each ticket purchased before January 31st.  You can get that here...

LEGO KidsFest Coupon - SAVE $2 per ticket!! |

You can also WIN 2 FREE tickets by entering My Giveaway here..

GIVEAWAY       (click it)

Giveaway tickets are ONLY good for opening Night.  Friday Night, February 15th, 4pm to 8:30pm

Entrants MUST also LIKE LEGOKidsfest on Facebook (just click link and LIKE)
FOLLOW LEGOKidsFest on Twitter (again, just click and Follow)
LEAVE A COMMENT on why you want to win (you do that here by clicking comment)

Winners will be chosen by USFG on January 18th and contacted by email.

Enter as often as like.

If you have a child interested in Lego, or are interested yourself, you DO NOT want to miss this.


  1. How often can we enter the giveaway?

  2. Yay! WOuld love to win!!!

  3. Legos were very high on my son's Christmas list this past year. He would LOVE to go to a convention center overflowing with Legos!! I can only imagine! Fingers crossed, thank you for the opportunity!

    p.s. We are facebook fans of LegoKidsFest and follow the LegoKidsFest on Twitter


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