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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Avocado and Shrimp Tacos

(repost of recipe from 2010)


That's how I'm feeling right now. We are currently vacationing at the beach. We've had some delicious food shared with wonderful company. The kids have playmates and it's like a never ending sleepover with 3 kids in the same room each night. We've been to the beach each morning and then have found other touristy things to do in the afternoon. Today I took a nice long walk on the beach with my oldest and relished the simple act of walking hand in hand with my little man who is growing up way too fast.

Tonight we decided on family taco night and I decided shake things up with my own Shrimp and avocado combination. Inspired by the atmosphere and my love for both these foods, the end result was my own little slice of heaven.

Shrimp & Avocado Tacos
Layer in this order
Flour Tortillas (small)
Refried Beans (1 tbsp per taco)
Sredded lettuce (1/4 c. per taco)
Shredded cheddar cheese (1 tsp per taco)
Diced tomatoes (1 tsp per taco)
Diced White Onion (1 tsp per taco)
Shrimp (31-4o ct, 4 per taco)We steamed our shrimp but any preparation would work.
Sliced Avocado (2 slices per taco)
You can top with any favorites like sour cream, salsa, fresh cilantro or whatever you like.
Avocados are rich in nutrients and contain more than 20 different vitamins per serving. They are said to help prevent such diseases as breast cancer and strokes and have also proven to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer. The best part is...they are really yummy on top of all that.

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