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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ebay Purchase Gone Wrong

What would you do?

Last week I purchased one of eBay's Deals of the Day.

A manufactured refurbished Kindle Fire for $99.  I've wanted on for a long time and finally found a price point I could justify.

I also purchased a wall charger.  The 2 items were purchased at the same time, but coming from different sellers.

Two hours after purchase, I realized (from the email notification) that the ship to address was incorrect.  Somehow, while changing my home address to the new one, eBay defaulted to an alternate address.  One I have never resided at, but have sent gifts to.

I immediately notified BOTH sellers.  Neither was showing shipping information, so I knew I was in time.
The next morning I received an email that the charger had shipped.  I later received confirmation of my change of address and a message saying they would send out a second charger to the CORRECT address.
That, is awesome customer service.

From the seller of the Kindle I received this...


Thanks for contacting us. Unfortunately, we are unable to change any shipping addresses. We ship to the address that is connected to your Paypal account. If the address is incorrect, only the account owner can correct it.

Sorry if this causes you any inconvenience.

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.


To which I replied...

The paypal address is correct. The email address that ebay provided was incorrect. If you are using the paypal address, it should be going to the address I emailed you about.

Thanks for clarification.

They reply with...


Your order will be shipped to 11 (wrong address) VA 23666.

Really? All this BEFORE it is even marked as shipped. Why wouldn't they change it?

I reply...

That is the incorrect address and is not, nor ever been, connected to my paypal account. Not sure why it couldn't be changed since I notified you before it shipped. Your sending it to my EX In-Laws. Thanks for that.

...and get this


Thank you for contacting us! I apologize for this inconvenience. The address was provided via PayPal; we would not select this information for you. Furthermore, we do ask that customers review the information provided because we have such a short time frame to modify orders. I understand you emailed us shortly after; however, due to the increasing number of correspondences received, we were unable to receive your inquiry before the order was confirmed as shipped.
Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. I appreciate your patience.

I feel this is crap.

Now it's been sent.  Tracking shows that it was delivered yesterday.  Ex, who lives with his parents, sends me a text to say the charger came, yesterday.  Funny enough, the replacement charger came to my house 2 days earlier.  The kindle has NOT arrived, according to him.

How would you proceed?

Do I contact eBay?

Would you ever trust this seller again?

Have you had similar issues?

I've never had issues with eBay but feel this seller did themselves and me, a huge injustice.

hours after this post went live, the package was found at the alternate address.


  1. I know this isn't really helpful at this point, but if it is coming by UPS, you can change the delivery for it to be held at the UPS building. At least if you are signed up for the UPS my choice program you can. I only know this because I had a similar problem at Christmas time when I didn't think about my paypal address still being for the old house. Ebay does pull it automatically from paypal, which I agree, is annoying. As for UPS or fedex, I don't know if they have any similar options.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I actually thought the same thing but, since it wasn't actually addressed to me (it was going to my ex MIL) I never received a notification.

    I wish UPS didn't charge to change the address. The depot isn't very convenient for us.


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