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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hob Nob Wicked Red is Wicked Good

I saw this over Christmas Break and just knew that I could not pass it up.  
I look for wine everywhere I go.  This treasure happened to scream to me at one of my local 7-11's while getting the kids some hot chocolate.  Don't judge, Treasures can be found almost anywhere.  
I had to try it.  
One of the first collaborated wine reviews I did was on a Hob Nob Shiraz.  I haven't really noticed anything on the shelves from them in quite some time, PLUS. this label is kinda awesome.

The wine did not disappoint.

Deep Violet Red in color and seemingly thick in the glass.

A nose of blackberries, cherry, pepper and tobacco.

Palate reveals a medium bodied, well-balanced combination of blackberries, cherries and dark roast coffee and pepper.

Not Disappointed

Pic and info from the Hob Nob website...

If you come across this, buy it.  
Since it's after Halloween, don't be surprised if the label is different from the one I bought.
I can't honestly say that I would have bought the traditional bottle on that particular occasion.
This one totally caught my eye


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