Mome reads Mommy, My daughter's way to spell it when she was younger... It stuck. My son calls me Mome... just like it looks. I now sign all my notes to them "Love, Mome". It's our inside secret and makes them smile. I always want them to smile.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

I have a Confession

I have a confession to make.

I'm hoping it helps someone else or, at least, gets me some wisdom on how to stop.

My brain has been over processing as of late and the only way to turn it off is to blare music, through earbuds, whenever I need to turn it off.  I've started listening to my therapeutic music on my way to work, and into the building, and while doing my opening tasks.  It calms my brain and gets me ready for the day.

One error in judgement can cause so much torment.

I've been laughed at, joked about, and even received texts to remind me of my error.

I wish I could say I won't do it again.

I said that after the first time.

I did make it almost 2 weeks before it happened again.

It happened again.

Please let my story help you.  I may be alone in this but, it will happen to someone else.

I can't be the only one.

I.  Just.  Can't.

Here is what I've learned...

When you get out of your car at work, all wrapped up in your jams,  you should always, and I mean ALWAYS, make sure you've turned your car off.  You'll know this if you take your keys out of the ignition and make sure you have them,

Or, like me, you can do this...

Text your friends a picture of your keys.

So they know.

You're car will not be unlocked, running, in the parking lot, FOR THE NEXT 5 HOURS.

For the third time.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Guilty Pleasures... Once Upon A Vine ~ Big Bad Red Blend

Reposting from 8/1/13.  Still one of my favorites

I recently came across this blend at the grocery store... Now I'm seeing it everywhere... and it's delicious and just shy of $10.  Winning!

The label caught my attention.  This is how I find most my wines.  1. Label 2. Price.  Not that I won't spend more, but for a first time try, I'm unlikely to splurge on something I may not like.  I have trusty sources, I believe when they tell me wines are good, I'll look for those.  I also like to share with them wines I like.  This is one of those.

Filled with dark berry flavors, chocolate and a good amount of peppery spice.  This wine is smooth and has a lengthy finish.

Winemaker NotesA blend of several red varietals, The Big Bad Red blend appeases our inner dark side, satisfying that craving for the bold and daring. The wine leads with a bramble of berries, dark black plum and root beer flavors, framed by toasted spices. Fleshy and ripe, the palate delivers layers of black fruit with a savory and spicy character. Supple tannins hold flavors into a long, lasting finish. A perfect pairing for a dark and stormy night.
Varietal33% Merlot, 25% Syrah, 11% Cab, 9% Zinfandel, 9% Tannat, 6% Grenache, 7% other reds

I have another NEW guilty pleasure, and the wine complimented it wonderfully.

Seriously.  The crackers, I found last year when my parents came to visit and brought them along.  We've gone through several boxes at work... and I'm not the only one bringing them in... they are THAT good.  The cream cheese spread, I came across by accident.  It was meant to be.

 Perfect snack.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dear Ex MIL

Dear Ex MIL,

I know you care dearly for your grandchildren.  I appreciate everything you have and continue to do for them.
I understand that you feel my style of parenting isn't up to your Christian standards, and I'm okay with that.  I am not okay with you constantly bashing my parenting style to my children and to other adults in their presence.  You are not building an allegiance with them, you are alienating your relationship with them.  These are two of the smartest, well-adjusted under the circumstances, and confident children I know and I refuse to let you make them think less of themselves because they are not being raised the way you think they should be.
I am always looking for better ways to do things, to better myself, and to be the best single parent I can be.  If you want to share some wisdom or thoughts you have, please contact me.  Using the children to get your thoughts to me doesn't ever send a clear message.  Their interpretations leave you on the short side of the conversation and makes them feel like they have to choose sides.  They do not.
You can expect whatever you want from them while they are at your house.  I make that clear to them.  Grandma's house, Grandma's Rules.  You can NOT dictate to them how things happen at my house.  Period.  It's laughable that you try.
I understand that you have raised a child and therefore think you know what's best.  Maybe you should revisit that thought.
Your grown child lives with you and is reliant on you for his every basic need.
Maybe your way wasn't the right way.
Maybe my way isn't the right way.
I get to choose.
I'll adapt as I see fit.

We all love our children and think they are they greatest ever.
I don't love my children any less that you love yours.
I am raising them to be able to stand on their own and be productive members of society.
We can compare notes when you have achieved the same.

Your Ex DIL

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

DIY Coconut Lime Face Scrub~ PuddinPop and Mome

My daughter and I have started a new YouTube Channel.  She wanted one of her on but her age prohibits it (She's 10).

We have had so much fun with our first two videos and I can't wait to do more.

Let Us know if you'd like to see any other DIY's


Friday, April 22, 2016

Target is Allowing Men in Women's Restrooms. Are you Kidding Me?

This post isn't going to go as you expect.

If you are against the Rights of Human Beings, you should turn back now.

I recently saw a post on FB about the decision, by Target, to allow individuals to use the bathroom and changing rooms of the sex they identify with.

The article, which  was written by Glenn Beck, outlined the announcement, and really didn't give any opinion on the matter.  Once I started reading the comments, I was appalled and saddened at the amount of Fear that it created.  I HAD to respond.

If you have read, or need to read, the article and comments.  I am the cute little guinea pig SomeoneWhoCares.

It didn't start out as anything more than one comment on MY opinion,

It escalated to so much more,

I may have been disrespectful.  If I was, I apologize.  I tried not to be.

I'm a funny character.  Ask anyone who KNOWS me.

I really don't give a shit what you think about me.  I guess I'm secure like that.

I make my own choices.  I trust my gut.  I think others should do the same.

The big deal is this.  Women are afraid that by allowing Transgender Individuals into out "private" spaces, we are allowing Perverts and Rapists to walk right in and do with us as they please.

It's a Valid Fear.

Not one that I share, but still valid.

Shouldn't we be pressing for stronger penalties on the ACTUAL perpetrators rather than taking away the Rights of others?

I think so.

In this particular debate, where I was CLEARLY the underdog, I was called Stupid, Idiot, Unattractive (pic of a guinea pig who is clearly CUTE) Woman without children (wrong again), Possible Transgender, Someone who thinks about raping Women,Someone who needs counseling, and, possibly the most sad comment, where someone actually stood up for me,  called a Good Christian.

I am not that.

Just me, but, I believe Organized religion breeds Intolerance, and it just doesn't sit right with me.

Here is what I think...

For what it is worth.

There are 2 types of Humans.

Each type holds, within it's group, Men. Women, All Ethnicities, Poor, Rich, Middle Class. Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders, and they do Every and All Jobs you could ever Imagine.

Basically, the groups are made up of  the same parts.

The groups are...


I truly believe that we should judge people as individuals.  Not classify a group based off fear.

I believe we need Harsher punishments for the individuals who "set out" to do intentional harm.  Whoever they are, regardless of class.

Treat people as humans until they show us they don't deserve it.

Judge people based on their own merits.

It isn't that hard.

I'm NOT naive, stupid,  or an idiot.

I am a believer of good hearts.

I am NOT a forgiver, of people who do Intentional harm to others, but will not crucify a "group" based on one persons actions.

I believe in the Rights of all Humans and Stand behind Target in their decision.

It's Theirs to make.

What do you think?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Relationship? What the Hell is Wrong with Me?

I'm so out of my element here.

I guess I always have been.

A LOT of my friends are in my same situation.

Single Mom, trying to make it through.

It's a tough job.  We all do our best to make it the best possible situation for our kids.

Most of my friends are actively dating, going through heart-break and muddling through.


Heart-break, on top of my already chaotic schedule, does not seem like something I could deal with.

I have NO interest in on-line dating.  I have no time to deal with the drama of a relationships.  I will NOT  bring someone else into the fold to have an opinion on how my kids should be raised.

I feel like the weak one.

Everyone else seems to find the time to entertain a companion, and it's all I can do to deal with work and taking care of my kids.

I THINK I'm a good multi-tasker, but so many others seem to be juggling so many more balls.

Is it about knowing limits?

I made twice as much money when I was single but, now it's more important to be home for my kids.

I am their sole provider.  There is no other money coming in.  No Child Support, No Bank Trust.  No Savings.  It's Week to Week.

I could make more, but it would require sacrificing TIME, or moving away from their other parent. The kids are always with me or their dad.  No after school program, no babysitter.  THAT means more to me than the money.

What is wrong with me?

How do women find time to date and still take care of their kids?

What am I missing?

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Crock Pot Apple Crumble

This was a no brainer when I first saw it posted.  I think the version I saw used a different fruit filling but anything goes here.

What you need:

2 (21oz) cans of fruit filling (or the equivalent)
1 box of white (or yellow) cake mix
1 stick of butter (melted)
Crock Pot (in case that wasn't obvious)

Grease the crock pot.  I used a bit of the melted butter and wiped it with a paper towel.
Dump in both cans of filling.

Top the filling with the dry cake mix and completely cover filling.
Drizzle melted butter on top of that.

I cooked mine on low for about 4.5 hours and then turned it to high and took the lid off for 30 minutes to "set" the topping (crisp it up)
If you make this, I suggest topping it with vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of caramel.


What are some of your favorite Crock Pot Desserts?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Up Cycling Wine Bottles

We've been busy.

Busy Up-cycling and being creative.

I've been tormented, for years, over throwing away wine bottles.  So. Many. Wine bottles.  I'd keep them for a while, trying to come up with some unique idea to re-purpose them, and then run out of room and toss them all out.  Start collecting again and....
You get the idea.

Recently, I was looking into cutting them and making candles.  I watched several videos on different ways to cut and all seemed quite possibly disastrous.  Then I reached out.  I found out another friend was cutting bottles for wind chimes and a mutual friend had made her a bottle cutter.  I immediately texted him for the price of having one made.  "Your undying love" was his response.  "Done."  was mine.

A couple days later, He delivered this...

He not only delivered it.  He gave me a lesson on how to use it.

While most of the tutorials I've watched used fire and ice to split the glass after scoring.  It turns out, it's much easier to use hot/cold water if you have the secret.  I have the secret.

We delabeled a couple bottles and bought stencils for painted artwork on the glass.  First ones look like this.

Puddin Pop (age 9) wanted to help paint while Handsome (age 12) wanted to be in charge of cutting the bottles.  I'm in charge of wax melting and pouring... at least at this point.

We decided that the tops of the bottles would be nice candle holders for tapers, and it gives us full use of the bottles.

Thinking of putting some up for sale.

Would you buy One?

Where's your favorite place to buy Handmade?  

Saturday, January 30, 2016

What I want Most for My Birthday is Something You Can Give Me. #Adoption

I was born at 4:05pm on February 1st, 1968.

I was put up for adoption.

I have a family that I love, but....

Why is no one looking for me?

I must have siblings,,,,

Story has it that,

 I was born to a college Mom, with a High School boyfriend,

 So, Just. Like me.

She likes Younger guys ;)

I appreciate the fact that they gave me up.

I have to believe they had, together or otherwise, other kids.

I've always known I was adopted.

I go through stages where I care to find those "other" people.

I put forth the effort to search online and find nothing

It makes me sad.

I want to know.

Here is my Birth Certificate.

Make my Wish come true and Share?

Thank You.

*I think I have already seen a sister.  I swear.  A woman came into where I work and I looked at her and just "felt"she was part of me,  It's strange, I know.

Help me know for sure,

I never said anything to her.  I just felt it and walked away. My coworker talked to her and she was here in Virginia with her husband who was in the Military but she was originally from Michigan.



What adopted kids go through All. The Time?

Most Definitely.

Will You Help and Share?

  Me.  5 Years old

Me.  47  Years old.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

#PoemaRed and Red Meat, Yum

Two of my Favorite Things
A good Red Blend and a NY Strip Steak
Heaven in my mouth

 Poema Red is a blend of Garnacha, Tempranillo, and Cabernet Sauvignon.   Dark ruby and almost Purple in the glass,  with a nose of pepper and dark berries .   On the Palate was blackberry, cherries and a hint of peppery goodness,  It is well balanced and stood up to the steak in flavor.
Now you want to know how I cook my steak, right?  It was dinner for one, so nothing fancy.  I heavily coated it with roasted garlic and crushed red pepper, and broiled it to medium rare in the oven.  The potato was wrapped in plastic wrap and nuked for 5 minutes,  I then loaded it with salt, pepper, butter, cheese, bacon and sour cream.  I never disappoint myself.

*The wine was sent to me for review.  The opinion and the cooking were all my idea,  You should try some.  I promise, it's good.