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Friday, April 22, 2016

Target is Allowing Men in Women's Restrooms. Are you Kidding Me?

This post isn't going to go as you expect.

If you are against the Rights of Human Beings, you should turn back now.

I recently saw a post on FB about the decision, by Target, to allow individuals to use the bathroom and changing rooms of the sex they identify with.

The article, which  was written by Glenn Beck, outlined the announcement, and really didn't give any opinion on the matter.  Once I started reading the comments, I was appalled and saddened at the amount of Fear that it created.  I HAD to respond.

If you have read, or need to read, the article and comments.  I am the cute little guinea pig SomeoneWhoCares.

It didn't start out as anything more than one comment on MY opinion,

It escalated to so much more,

I may have been disrespectful.  If I was, I apologize.  I tried not to be.

I'm a funny character.  Ask anyone who KNOWS me.

I really don't give a shit what you think about me.  I guess I'm secure like that.

I make my own choices.  I trust my gut.  I think others should do the same.

The big deal is this.  Women are afraid that by allowing Transgender Individuals into out "private" spaces, we are allowing Perverts and Rapists to walk right in and do with us as they please.

It's a Valid Fear.

Not one that I share, but still valid.

Shouldn't we be pressing for stronger penalties on the ACTUAL perpetrators rather than taking away the Rights of others?

I think so.

In this particular debate, where I was CLEARLY the underdog, I was called Stupid, Idiot, Unattractive (pic of a guinea pig who is clearly CUTE) Woman without children (wrong again), Possible Transgender, Someone who thinks about raping Women,Someone who needs counseling, and, possibly the most sad comment, where someone actually stood up for me,  called a Good Christian.

I am not that.

Just me, but, I believe Organized religion breeds Intolerance, and it just doesn't sit right with me.

Here is what I think...

For what it is worth.

There are 2 types of Humans.

Each type holds, within it's group, Men. Women, All Ethnicities, Poor, Rich, Middle Class. Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders, and they do Every and All Jobs you could ever Imagine.

Basically, the groups are made up of  the same parts.

The groups are...


I truly believe that we should judge people as individuals.  Not classify a group based off fear.

I believe we need Harsher punishments for the individuals who "set out" to do intentional harm.  Whoever they are, regardless of class.

Treat people as humans until they show us they don't deserve it.

Judge people based on their own merits.

It isn't that hard.

I'm NOT naive, stupid,  or an idiot.

I am a believer of good hearts.

I am NOT a forgiver, of people who do Intentional harm to others, but will not crucify a "group" based on one persons actions.

I believe in the Rights of all Humans and Stand behind Target in their decision.

It's Theirs to make.

What do you think?